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Waters high resolution mass spectrometry solutions for metabolic biomarker discovery

Join us for lunch, get an update on Waters’ solutions for the busy metabolomics lab and hear from Dr. Melissa Brazier-Hicks a research scientist from Newcastle University, a Waters’ customer, who has successfully applied novel technologies to help identify metabolic biomarkers with LC-MS and  REIMS technology in the area of crop resistance.

High resolution LC-MS solutions for precision metabolic profiling

David Heywood – Senior Manager Omics Business Development, Waters

A brief overview of Waters Xevo G2-XS QTof system and Progenesis QI. We will show how this extremely well characterized metabolomics platform addresses the challenges in complex omics biomarker studies.

New applications for mass spectrometry in crop protection

Dr Melissa Brazier-Hicks – Senior Research Associate, Newcastle University

The use of pesticides currently safeguards 40% of global food production but is now heavily challenged due to the loss of products though changes in regulation and the steady growth of resistance to chemical agents in pathogens, pests and weeds.  Learning from the medical sector, we are interested in using real-time diagnostics to provide rapid decision systems to counteract herbicide resistance in grass weeds; a problem that now threatens the sustainable production of the UK’s major crop, winter wheat.  As part of our program we are evaluating high resolution mass spectrometry to identify functional biomarkers of specific classes of resistance, defining the role of herbicide metabolism and characterizing the dispersal of individual populations.  In addition to using LC-MS, we are experimenting with REIMS ionization for high throughput biomarker discovery with the longer term ambition of establishing how useful this technology might be in defining and ultimately counteracting pesticide resistance more widely.